The School of Business Leadership (GoBusiness) began in 1996 with the mission of training businesspersons how to build businesses God’s way. The school is a two-year correspondence course based on the biblical principles of economics and business practice, and on the inherent concept that deeper learning follows effective service to others. It provides a sharply defined perspective on how biblical truth impacts marketplace thinking and practice and produces transformation in participants’ lives and businesses. The school combines the latest in online learning management software with personal facilitation. Through our partnership with CLST Global, GoBusiness graduates can turn their learning experience into a bachelors of theology degree with an emphasis in marketplace ministry.
We help open the scriptures to you to “see” the universal building patterns and how to apply these life-changing and capital-producing truths to your life and to those you lead and influence.

Results of the School of Business Leadership:

Vision: A sharply defined perspective for how biblical truth impacts marketplace thinking and practice.
Foundations: Critical ideas that are foundational to a trajectory toward manifesting God’s kingdom in the marketplace.
Connection: A process that helps to connect participants with other resources in a larger context fostering change and
bringing transformation to one’s personal life, family, business, and community.
Facilitation: A trained facilitator who provides a level of direction to participants, encouraging and helping them to
examine their thoughts, attitudes, and practices in light of the principles presented in the course.

GoBusiness is currently operating in the US, México & Central America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, and Africa.

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