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Cape Town, S Africa – March 2024

Cape Town Transform Event | 21-22 March 2024

Join us this March for the Transform Event in Cape Town, South Africa, to equip, connect, and activate for cultural transformation! Hosted in collaboration with our ministry partners, this event will be held at Every Nation Church (N1 City), with a focus on the application of biblical worldview to bring transformation and lasting liberty to all spheres of life. Event includes keynote sessions, panel discussions, specialized breakout workshops, discussion groups, and relational networking.

GoStrategic | Family Life Institute | Global Transformation Network | Every Nation Cape Town | Africa School of Governance


ADDITIONAL PRESENTERS (Breakout Speakers, Panelists & Presenters):
Jan Strydom, Family Life Institute | Ena Richards, Work4aLiving | South Roots International | Errol Naidoo, Family Policy Institute | Michael Swain, Freedom of Religion South Africa | Tamirat Tariku, Ethiopian Guenet Church | And more TBA!

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