Transforum 2018 with GoBusiness & GoLife Intensives and Statesmen Breakouts

Get ready to LAUNCH forward into higher levels, assignments, anointing, influence, and authority. Increase your foundation of knowledge, collaborate with others, and be activated to affect the destiny of nations! The Transforum Event is about equipping believers to lead in the midst of the divisive cultural and societal turmoil. Join us in Texas for a transformational experience with practical training, empowering teaching, networking and connection. Conferenced themed main sessions and individual breakout sessions for the following three tracks: Strategic Life Training, Business Leadership School and the Statesmen Project.






















Attendee Resources:

Transforum 2018 Syllabus

Gerald Chester Keynote Presentation

Patti Amsden Generational Transfer Notes

Tending My Garden Prayer Worksheet

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