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transforum-2017-bannerTransforum Event March 30-April 1, 2017
with BLS & SLT Intensives and Statesmen Breakouts, Santa Rosa, CA

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The Transforum Event is about equipping believers to lead in the midst of the current divisive cultural and societal turmoil. Join us in California for a transformational experience with practical training, empowering reaching, networking and connection. Conferenced themed main sessions and individual breakout sessions for the following three tracks: Strategic Life Training, Business Leadership School and the Statesmen Project.

The U.S. is rapidly becoming the “divided states of America”. Multi-city protests are a now a weekly occurrence. Emotionally charged opinions and tough questions seem to affect everyone. President Trump is viewed as evil by some and an instrument of God by others. We are called to pray for our leaders but find so many of their actions repulsive. Many Christians are asking: What is God’s perspective on these events? How do we respond to the “spiritual civil war” with truth, grace and love? How can we be ministers of reconciliation given the very high levels of vitriol? Is there any other common ground between the sides? Many prophets believe that this is a defining moment for Christ followers to become bridges of peace for God’s kingdom and messengers of alternative ways to live and govern.

This conference is not about taking sides but about determining where is God in this season and how we should posture ourselves to rightly influence our relationships and community. We have lined up an anointed set of speakers to help us understand the spiritual context and guide us to some answers. This conference is for those with questions and those who want to step forward as the salt and light of our communities. Come join us in Santa Rosa for what could be the most helpful Transforum yet!

Keynotes will include:
Is this Chaos the Beginning of the Next Reformation?
How Political-Social Movements are Created
The Sovereignty of God and Social Disruption
How do We Communicate Truth Effectively in a Postmodern World?
The Challenges We Face as Kings and Priests
How Does the Church Prepare to be Relevant in this Hour?

Workshops will include:
War Between 2 Seeds
Mind Justifies What the Heart Has Chosen
Leading People & Building Business Gods Way
Evangelism in the Marketplace
Strategic Thinking

Attendee Resources:  Transforum 2017 Syllabus
Ron Coverson’s Powerpoint presentation on Postmodernism: How to Communicate Truth Effectively in a Postmodern
Patti Amsden’s Word: 121224_003