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  • Wealth and the Family Unit

    “Wealth and the Family Unit” God is a “Family Man.” He works through the family and is connected to the structure of the family. We are born again into relationship with Him as our Father and with fellow Christians as brothers and sisters who are being appren­ticed into co-running the family business. This apprenticeship is […]

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  • GoStrategic Newsletter: First Quarter 2024

    Washington, DC Report Recently, Dennis Peacocke and several leaders connected to the ministry of GoStrategic traveled to Washington, DC to strategically engage with various individuals, sector leaders, and elected officials. Among the bevy of meetings were two events of particular note. Firstly, was the National Gathering for Prayer & Repentance, an invitational prayer assembly attended by some five hundred […]

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  • Core Message: Jurisdictions

    While the word “jurisdiction” has its roots as a legal term, the concept is quite broad in its application, as it pertains to both how we live our lives and the subsequent effect this has on society. To understand jurisdictions is to understand the spheres of responsibility within our personal lives and the greater community. […]

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