• Where Will You Draw the Line?

    A coalescing of political, economic, medical, and spiritual forces has given our world a historic epoch yet to be defined. I foresaw this phenomenon (minus the COVID crisis) and wrote about it ten years ago in my book, On the Destiny of Nations. I referred to it as the “Great Reset” that would accompany a […]

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  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Summer 2022

    Highlighting Our Translators Around the World GoStrategic is blessed to work with numerous language translators in our mission to spread the message of the Kingdom around the globe. These partners carry the very important role of transferring the spirit and meaning of our materials into the context of other languages and cultures. We currently have […]

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  • Core Message Highlight: Presuppositional Thinking

    The mind justifies what the heart has chosen. This simple maxim unlocks the essence of human decision-making. Within our hearts lies our true motives, agendas, and underlying assumptions. Our hearts determine our character and what kind of person we will be. As evidenced by hundreds of Scriptures, it is vital in our Christian walk to […]

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