• Truth and Context

    “The first to plead his case seems right until another comes and examines him.” —Proverbs 18:17 We are a divided nation. What it will take to begin to unify us again remains to be seen. Our upcoming election will only divide us further. Identity politics has done exactly what it was designed by the Left […]

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  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Fall 2019

    2019 Statesmen Event As the ministry of GoStrategic gets deeper into the process of discipling nations, we continue to look for cultural and governmental leaders who are in positions of influence. Within the last year, we have strengthened The Statesmen Project’s Focus Groups while identifying and inviting specific leaders from more than 40 nations where […]

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  • Capitalism, Socialism, and the Case for Choice-Based Economics

    Capitalism, Socialism, and the Case for Choice-Based Economics by Dennis Peacocke The critiques of capitalism go well back into the nineteenth century. At their core, the best of them are much more about an unequal distribution of wealth than any of the self-evident needs to fine tune the exclusively economic properties of the overall system. […]

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