• Principle One: Transcendence

    Note To Readers: Over the years, I have vigorously sought to identify definitive principles pertaining to a wide host of social, economic, and relational issues. To qualify, they had to be applicably true in every generation, ethnic group, and jurisdiction of governing and structuring. I have settled on a list of TWELVE MASTER PRINCIPLES. I […]

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  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Summer 2020

    Ministry Partner Highlight: Gerald R. Chester, PhD Dr. Gerald Chester is profoundly aware of the principles of God’s Kingdom as they are applied in the realm of business, personal discipleship, and spiritual maturity in general. He is our senior GoBusiness Facilitator and a highly valued source of counsel both for me personally and for training […]

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  • The Insidious Nature of Misdirection During Times of Societal Turbulence

    Randall Hobson owns and operates a small business that has served the manufacturing sector with material handling solutions since 1986. As a businessman, husband and father, he has sought to progressively comprehend and implement the ways of the Kingdom of God throughout the fabric of his life. He has been a student of the School […]

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