GoStrategic is a non-profit, 501 c3 ministry that educates and equips leaders and others for effective service and leadership using Biblical principles . We operate internationally, educating through our correspondence schools, The Statesmen Project, events, networking, and educational products. It is our sincere hope and belief that the services we provide result in thousands of communities transformed as believers step out to rebuild, repair, and restore our world.

Will you consider partnering with us to provide these transformational truths to believers, churches, and communities? Most of our work is supported by donors like you that help us provide scholarships, support for leaders, and underwriting of special projects. Our work is your work—we cannot do it without you! In this partnership with GoStrategic, Rebuilder Partners are actively committed to supporting both their local church and God’s prophetic work of challenging and changing the fallen culture of their nation, seeking to extend the Kingdom of God into every area of life. In short, we must KNOW the message, SHARE the message, and SUPPORT the message.

By God’s grace we have always been a debt-free organization. We believe God pays for what He orders. We have three income sources:

  1. Revenue from events and schools (this covers a portion of their costs)
  2. Revenue from educational materials (in many venues, this also requires underwriting)
  3. Private donations

Your donations play a key role in our ability to carry out our mission.  All donations are tax deductible. Donate Here

Monthly Donations can be set up automatically via credit card. If you are interested in recurring donations, please click here to email us to set-up a donation plan or you can donate now online  and indicate “monthly donation” in comments section.

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Thank you for your generosity and investment into the ministry!
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