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GoStrategic began in 1979 in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. Originally named Strategic Christian Services (SCS), our commissioned purpose is focused on supporting believers in obeying the Great Commission to “make disciples of all the nations” through serving and shaping communities and equipping individuals and organizations to think biblically, live strategically, and lead effectively. Through decades as a nonprofit prophetic ministry, GoStrategic has developed an extensive array of materials and educational platforms that endeavor not just to transfer knowledge but to impart and train others for service to our Lord amidst “Pharaoh’s” culture. God’s faithfulness has allowed us to bring transformation to personal lives, churches, businesses, and even governments with the practical application of biblical principles and the benefits of a Christian worldview. Our global headquarters are in Santa Rosa, California where a second generation advances the work of founders, Dennis and Jan Peacocke, in conjunction with our international boards, faculty, and supporters who make our work possible. Watch our short 45th Anniversary Video HERE


The 1980s

In the decade of the 1980s, our focus was on making connections with like-minded people and ministries who were seeking the Kingdom of God in similar ways as us, discovering what they were doing, and how we could work with them to make a difference. So much of the church seemed preoccupied with itself, yet we recognize that God is always working through His people in every generation. We started numerous Christian activist state coalitions and a national coalition called Anatole, each designed to strategically unify believers’ impact on the culture. This led to many encounters with elected officials, those running for office, and significant time invested in our nation’s capital toward the goal of seeing every sphere of life and culture impacted by believers who agree that Christ never gave His people permission to turn His earth over to those who oppose Him intentionally or in ignorance.

In the mid 1980s, God spoke to Dennis in a dramatic way regarding the call on his life: Was he to become a “big name” conference speaker or to strategically educate and mobilize people for change? He was increasingly called as an emerging national conference speaker, but God’s Spirit challenged that as his primary calling. As a result, he developed a strategy to host “Rebuilder Seminars” in specific cities throughout the United States. From 1985 to 1991, we invested in multiple visits to 35 target cities. Dennis spoke to hundreds of pastors, tens of thousands of believers, flew over a million miles, and laid the foundations for what we are still building upon today.

Out of this period also came the publishing of Dennis’ first book, Winning the Battle for the Minds of Men, numerous audio series, and City Action Councils that Dennis helped start throughout the United States.

The 1990s

The 1990s was our decade of strategic consolidation. What came to be called The Convergence in the 1990s (now known as our annual Transforum Event) was the merging of an annual leadership conference that originated in the late 1980s and the Strategic Resource Group. During this period, we developed numerous audio-recorded ministry products out of the seminars we held. Dennis’ second book, Doing Business God’s Way, became a best seller, and the first SCS product catalog was produced. Our offices moved twice due to growth needs as staff worked hard to develop the infrastructure required to serve the growing responsibilities.

It was in this decade that SCS became an international ministry. Leaders from many nations began to read the books, listen to the audio, and make inquiries on how to connect for the work of the Kingdom. SCS held numerous conferences in various cities throughout Europe and Central and South America. Translation of our materials into foreign languages became a growing demand. We opened two global correspondence schools, the School of Strategic Living (GoLife) and the School of Business Leadership (GoBusiness).

SCS formed its first two international office partnerships in Switzerland and New Zealand. God’s purposes for the longer-term strategy for us emerged, as did deepening gratitude for our colleagues and co-workers around the world.


The 2000s

We started the new millennium not only in a growth mode but in a multiplication phase of our journey. A primary method of this has been to partner with churches and ministries that share our vision. This partnering has already proven itself wonderfully effective with our ministry affiliates in numerous countries including Brazil, South Africa, Singapore, France and throughout Central America. As the Apostle Paul was called to Macedonia and beyond by God’s Spirit, nations have requested greater on-the-ground support in training them to run our schools. Increasingly they “own” the materials with and for their people and utilize them in conjunction with their own existing ministries. The advantage of this strategy is that our materials are disseminated through local leaders who can best contextualize the message for their particular audience, avoiding language barriers or challenges that might otherwise arise from a lack of cultural understanding. With the support of our international offices in the States, our global partners are able to build on the spiritual foundation created by the ministry these last 40+ years to grow and multiply in their own nations.

When the US experienced a major recession and subsequent economic crises emerged on a global level, Dennis responded with the release of his most recent book, On the Destiny of Nations: Resolving Our Economic Crisis. With political and social realities continuing to emerge, Dennis started The Statesmen Project, an international movement of Christians and like-minded citizens responding to the current and growing economic and social crises with practical, biblical principles and models that solve specific community and national problems.

Recognizing continued opportunity for growth and the call of reaching the next generation, SCS officially changed its name to “GoStrategic” in 2014, presenting a new, simplified title that also represents a call to action.

2020 and Beyond

In the fall of 2021, Katherine Gallagher officially assumed the role of CEO and Executive Director of GoStrategic with the handing of the baton from her father, Dennis Peacocke. Dennis continues to work with GoStrategic and serve on its board. New materials and resources continue to be produced by the ministry, and the School of Kingdom Citizenship is preparing to launch in 2024. We also continue to partner with other ministries for the furthering of the Kingdom message. In addition to the distribution of ministry materials and management of the schools domestically, our international headquarters office continues to coordinate events, training, and the development, translation, and distribution of educational materials globally. The need for our ministry, message, tools, and training continues to grow—the opportunity for cultural change is as pressing as ever.