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Election Interference: Hypocrisy Unlimited


August 2017

As I have said before, in a fallen world, we have a challenging mishmash of social values, political policies, and national rhetoric to sort through. Scripturally, we have two major governments—the kingdom of man and the Kingdom of God—which coexist as “the wheat and the tares” described in Matthew 13:24-30. Within the kingdom of man, we have a whole subset and spectrum of values and policies, some which are deadly evil and some which are interlaced with biblical truth and principles. The goal for us as believers is to inject as many Kingdom values and principles as is possible as we disciple communities and nations through education and social influence. Conversely, the satanic strategy, depending on cultural possibilities, is to inject as many anti-God policies as possible using the vehicles of man’s “natural reasoning,” hopes, “toleration,” and quest for “freedom.” Of course, these are all wrapped in convincing language, deceptively playing on the ignorance and personal biases of self-centered humanity.

This social matrix has created a two-tiered view which I refer to as “the dark side of nations” (their quest for “Empire”) and “the gallant side of nations” (their quest for Republic, that is, aspirations for national virtue). The United States is a classic picture of this reality. We have the Republic on one hand, our shining light of truly great values and Christ-like virtues, and the Empire on the other, full of “realpolitik,” Machiavellian necessities, and the-ends-justify-the-means policies. Both the liberals and the conservatives dance frequently between these two polarities with little to no apparent awareness. Simply put, I love and cherish the American Republic and cringe for the deeds and attitudes of the US Empire. Naturally, politicians are absurdly confused as to how to handle this polarity with any perspective or truthfulness. The Left tends to accuse the Right of building the Empire and the Right tends to accuse the Left of spending other people’s money. In other words, our national dialogue is two ships passing in the night.

“Hypocrisy Unlimited” Is Birthed by This Reality

I love the Republic, but folks, the United States Empire has meddled in other nations’ political affairs for multiple decades. We have helped overthrow whole governments and even encouraged assassinations in several cases. I could give examples and many of you as serious students of US and global history could add to the list. The Democrat’s “shock and dismay” at whatever Russia did or did not do to influence our recent election is a ludicrous and hypocritical joke. Their pious outrage leveled at President Trump demonstrates either stupendous naiveté or Oscar-level acting. Am I justifying whatever was or was not done? Absolutely not. I am just saying, let’s grow up; until we do, we cannot have the essential levels of truth required to begin to truly “make America great again.”

I know many things about this nation I wish I didn’t. Nevertheless, I love the Republic and want to see it more fully embrace the values and policies of God’s Kingdom. That won’t happen until our conversation is honest before God, maturely handled by God’s people, and clearly articulated by statesmen-like leaders. Issues like slavery and the unlawful manipulation of other nations force us to deal with truth and repentance. They do not disqualify us. Going down that road, the history of other nations is replete with corruptions and atrocities as well. Do I believe in American “exceptionalism?” Depending on telling the whole story, yes I do. But what makes us truly great is our public quest for the founding values of the Republic, not our current, global influence.

Please, frothing politicians, don’t act like Hitler denying the Holocaust when both parties’ demand for dirt on their opponent is exposed. It takes all of us further and further away from the Great Debate we so desperately need. And that is…