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  • Our God Loves to Work

    “Our God Loves to Work” Work is not part of the curse. It preceded sin and the fall of man, and Jesus taught that work is eternal. Heaven is no retirement village in the sky; it is where God’s work will be done more efficiently because sin is gone. Like removing sand from the gears […]

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  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Second Quarter 2024

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Second Quarter 2024 Madagascar & South Africa Travel Report Madagascar, the world’s fourth-largest island, is renowned for its breathtaking ecological biodiversity and diverse colonial heritage. Yet, within its borders lies a struggle against corruption and deeply entrenched cultural paradigms. Our Malagasy GoBusiness graduates are among those endeavoring to bring about essential change in their […]

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  • Core Message: Jurisdictions

    While the word “jurisdiction” has its roots as a legal term, the concept is quite broad in its application, as it pertains to both how we live our lives and the subsequent effect this has on society. To understand jurisdictions is to understand the spheres of responsibility within our personal lives and the greater community. […]

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