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REFORMATION (PART FIVE): Trying to Reverse Directions


May 2017

This final commentary, for now, on the issues surrounding reformation may well be the most challenging. I believe that as chaos rolls out over the next decade, a powerful movement will form in response to that chaos and attempt to throw global society into a political-economic “reverse” unlike anything we have seen in the last millennium. We are not talking about some kind of “conservative reaction” to liberalism and the depth of the ditch into which we have dug ourselves; we are talking about a spiritually driven repentance that is compellingly visceral and transcends mere political movements. It will search for genuine renewal and the reestablishment of a global society on more ancient values.

It may or may not be the beginning of the global Kingdom movement that many of us know is coming. I am not sure if several more major upheavals must first be resolved before the Kingdom harvest Jesus spoke of in Matthew 13 can prepare to close out human history as we have known it. My suspicion is that it is a precursor to that final Kingdom push. Whatever the case may be, this movement that “throws history into reverse” will be absolutely unique in the context of more than five hundred years of “scientific-social progress.” Large numbers of global citizens will reach backwards into human history for answers rather than forward to evolution’s latest scientific, technological “advances.” It will capture the latest generations first and most powerfully. As I gain more clarity on this phenomenon, I will address it accordingly.

Reformation Ideas and Social Constructs That Last
…I chose you, and appointed you, that you should go and bear fruit,
and that your fruit should remain…
  -John 15:16

As previously noted, ideas or social constructs that ignite a genuine reformation are the ones that last. They stand the test of time. The historic Protestant Reformation was driven by seven “energy” dynamics:

  1. Salvation through faith in Christ’s death and resurrection on our behalf.
  2. The priesthood of all believers.
  3. The availability of the Scriptures in people’s languages and the faith that the Holy Spirit would lead them into its truths.
  4. The development of mass communication via the invention of the printing press.
  5. The emergence of a division-of-labor economic system.
  6. The recognition that deep, religious convictions trump all other human political motivations.
  7. The reality that ideas powerful enough to cause a reformation will produce counter ideas of similar energy, e.g., the Counter-Reformation.

So, what is currently in play that will push society into the next reformation and eventual counter-reformation?” Here are the ideas or social constructs that I believe will drive this “reverse-directions” social movement:

  1. Science and technology cannot resolve the downsides of core human sin.
  2. Centralization of human government is to be vigorously avoided rather than pursued.
  3. All transcendent political philosophy is religious and creates a worldview that will seek to eliminate any competition unless prevented from doing so.
  4. Economic centralization will dominate all political dynamics unless prevented from doing so.
  5. Outside intervention into the human condition is essential to rescue us from the downsides of our nature.

Here is the inescapable conclusion: Both the unfolding reformation and the “go-the-other-way” counter-response I predict are set up by God to create a nearly universal recognition of the essentialness of His Kingdom intervention. However, this does not mean everyone will assimilate into it. It just means that a final choice for humanity is our ultimate reality and makes complete sense given the way our Creator set up the game. Amen, and that is…

The Ultimate BOTTOM LINE!

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