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The Genius of the Madness of “Mutually Assured Destruction”


April 2015

As multiple millions know, Iran is in the process of trying to negotiate its way out of crushing economic sanctions designed to thwart its development of nuclear weapons. Here is what we know surrounding the process for sure:

1) Oil rich Iran doesn’t need nuclear power as an energy source.

2) Iran has publicly stated multiple times that it is committed to destroying Israel.

3) Iran’s leaders, even now, continue to state their hatred for the Western powers, especially the U.S.

4) Some of their senior leaders are saying that the proposed treaty does mean what Western leaders say it means (especially President Obama).

5) A number of Western leaders have already stated that they don’t believe in the treaty’s reality.

6) President Obama, mercurial as his policy may be, is “sure” this treaty will safeguard us all from Iran finishing off its extensive nuclear program from developing either nuclear weapons or ICAM missiles. OK, so much for hard facts amidst fantasy-land assurances.

So what has worked in the nuclear weapons era so far? The answer is the absurd but elective reality of the policy called, “Mutually Assured Destruction.” MAD is simple; it is a hard commitment to destroy totally the first country or countries launching nuclear weapons. Since the late 1940s until now, it has worked. Whoever launches gets destroyed and, therefore, nobody can “win,” hence nobody will use the arsenals they have of nuclear bombs and their rocket delivery systems. The idea is so insane that it works. No nuclear power can win because all the nuclear powers with adequate delivery systems will definitely launch if attacked.

What if the West says to Iran, “We will do everything we can to keep you from developing nuclear weapons and/or their delivery systems, but we know you will cheat and lie, especially since the Koran says that is ethically permissible to do so when dealing with infidels (non-Muslims).” So here’s the deal: We are publicly, unalterably committed to destroying Iran totally if they somehow develop these weapons, exactly the same way we have been committed to doing so for the last seventy years with everyone else. If you fire, you are destroyed. A nuclear war can really ruin your whole day, so welcome to the ultimate game of hard-ball.

As crazy as all this is, it works and it has turned out to be the most successful antidote to the insanity of nuclear weapons ever conceived in all the history of attempts to limit wars. It is easy-make the unthinkable, unthinkable.

It’s election time here in the United States. Is there a political realist amongst the candidates? If you love people, then protect them, and that is THE BOTTOM LINE.

P.S. Welcome to hard-ball, Iran!

BottomLine 4-2015