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Facilitator Agreement

Facilitator Agreement

GoStrategic’s Facilitators of the School of Strategic Living, School of Business Leadership, and School of Kingdom Citizenship willingly and before God agree to serve their students by fulfilling the following ethical and facilitation responsibilities:


In keeping with the mission and values of GoStrategic and its schools, it is important for our Facilitators to reflect the value system of this ministry. Therefore, as volunteers of a Christian organization, facilitators are subject to a biblical moral standard and agree that:

  1. Lifestyle and behavioral choices that do not align with biblical standards and the mission of GoStrategic will be addressed. Recognizing that private life is inextricably linked to public life, the actions in a Facilitator’s private life can have direct forbearance in their leadership and mentoring roles. Facilitators may be questioned on such issues periodically to ensure ongoing integrity.
  2. GoStrategic reserves the right to require leave or dismiss any Facilitator for moral failings or other unbiblical conduct. Our goal is to ensure the integrity and health of the organization, its schools, and its participants. We believe in repentance and restoration, not condemnation or shaming, and desire to support any Facilitator in this process as they seek help, if needed, through their personal spiritual covering or other recommended resources and leaders.


  1. To help your students successfully navigate the whole course in such a way that the goals we have established for them are achieved.
  2. To aid them in that “successful navigation,” these three outcomes should be pursued:
  • Students experience a conceptual grasp of the major ideas presented in each lesson, as evidenced in their homework and conversations with you.
  • Students are “grabbed and convicted” by some of these concepts and their implications to their lives, manifesting a desire for deeper transformation even though you move on in the course.
  • You observe them begin to change in practical ways as their desire to live as disciplined learners/disciples is manifested in how they relate to their “garden,” i.e., family, church, or marketplace ministry.
  1. Practically speaking, you will serve this process by agreeing to:
  • Complete Facilitator School training (required for new Facilitators and for past Facilitators who have not actively facilitated a group within the past 3 years).
  • At your initiative, stay regularly connected with the Director of Facilitation for your particular school via phone or email.
  • Submit the Biannual Facilitator Reports to our offices.
  • Listen to the teachings that your students are presently experiencing to stay sharp on the context. Utilize your Facilitator materials as you serve your students in your conversations with them regarding their lesson and their grasp of its concepts.
  • Review and grade (if necessary) your students’ homework.
  • Regularly pray for your students, the school, and GoStrategic’s oversight of it.
  • Encourage students to stay current on lesson assignments through the online Learning Management System as they must complete each lesson sequentially to move on in the course work. Meet with the students on a regular schedule established by you and listed on the LMS. Check each student’s work to assure completion and progress in the course.
  • Complete a Course Review with your students at the point of their course completion to encourage and position them for moving to the next year if completing 100 or, if completing 200, for graduation at the next Transforum.
  • Don’t draw students to yourself; respect their pastor’s authority in their lives and acknowledge before God that the students you are facilitating are not only a trust before God, but they will also add to your knowledge and life reciprocally.

Fulfilling these agreements will allow us all to serve the Master in further equipping His servants. May God empower and bless you as you do them.



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