Creating Wealth: Training Families to Build Dynasties MP3


This GoStrategic seminar focuses on the ultimate challenge we all face in terms of making our lives truly count for God’s purposes in history—how, in our personal lives, families, careers, and even our nation, do we pass on the inheritance of our hearts so that our values, vision, and wealth are not wasted by the next generation?

For the first time, the entire Peacocke family (Dennis, Jan, Adam, Rachel, and Katherine) shares together in a conference, both individually and in a panel discussion. God is beginning to restore an understanding of generational transfer to us as a people and as a nation. Our intention is to provide practical tools to break the curse of single-generational living.

8-Part MP3 Audio Series with Notes. Teachings Include:

  1. Inheritance of the Heart
  2. The Biblical Pattern of Family Service & Dynasty
  3. Who Shapes My Heart’s Desire?
  4. Inheriting the Vision?
  5. Building Spiritual & Organizational Dynasties
  6. Training Our Children to be Servant Rulers
  7. How to Get Your Assets to Your Children
  8. Where Do We Go From Here?
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