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GoStrategic Newsletter: Spring 2014


Transforum 2014

An iceberg demonstrates it is what is underneath and unseen that really counts. GoStrategic’s recent 2014 Transforum conference focused us inside ourselves to grow in Christ in our ability to apply a Christian worldview mindset to the challenges and choices we make, and outside ourselves to understand significant current issues and how we can effect change. Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University, opened the conference with his expert presentation on the US federal debt which served as a very relevant case study.

Dennis Peacocke shared that a growing segment of the Church around the world is seeing its responsibility to disciple nations by engaging their cultures from a Christian worldview. Christians are seeing that our Creator God blesses unity in the diversity of churches. The changes brought by Pope Francis to the Catholics have already fostered growing alliances with Protestants on social issues. A striking example can be seen in Central America where there has been significant antagonism between the two sects in the past; recently, there have been occasions where Catholics and Protestants have marched together in support of their common beliefs. This kind of cooperation and solidarity towards a shared goal holds the potential for great change around the world.


Dudley Hall stressed that the Church needs to teach and preach the declarative kerygma Gospel, the good news of the Kingdom, rather than a man-centered message. It is imperative to meet the challenges of the younger generations that are being pressured by our culture into non-biblical positions on social issues. We must be aware of the importance of holding to God’s standards. Lance Wallnau provided further insight on the need to both train current generations for roles of leadership and to convert current cultural leaders to Christianity and disciple them to apply Christian worldview where God has already placed them.

The connection between the inside and the outside in the context of past, present, and future was marvelously clarified by Dutch Sheets. Consider how many personal testimonies involve a grandparent’s prayers as a major contributing factor in their conversion to Christ. Because prayer is in the eternal dimension, the past prayers of saints have direct application to contemporary life. We were challenged to be conscious of the momentum of our current prayers joining with those of previous generations to bring increased impact on current situations. Likewise, our current prayers are being stored up for their continual release into the future.

Interspersed between the keynote sessions, attendees met in smaller groups for discussion which enabled the synergy of perspectives to aid in the further absorption of the teachings.

Conference workshops focused on topics pertaining to either our business or worldview schools while a third group was comprised of members of Dennis Peacocke’s Statesman Project. Those in this latter group met in subgroups to work on documents for the Project. They were encouraged by the demonstration of their new website with its special features which will greatly facilitate the development of their goals.

For the Business Leadership School, Dr. Gerald Chester spoke on the importance of integrity in the application of scripture and the modeling of Christian character to values and efficiencies in the marketplace. Katherine Gallagher spoke on being consciously aware of the regular opportunities for evangelism we all have in the broader marketplace. For Strategic Life Training, Dudley Hall focused on the basics of biblical interpretation while Katherine Gallagher shared on how to be an effective problem solver. Both schools enjoyed a joint workshop with Dr. Marc Nuttle who shared very practical examples from the realm of civil government and finances.

Audio recordings from the conference are available for purchase. Please visit our online store or contact the office to place your order.


Spring 2014 Newsletter