School Application: Year One Student

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Bio questions such as birthdate, job description, and extra-curricular activities are included to help our staff get to know you better relationally and to aid in forming optimal Facilitator and group assignments. Thank you for helping us better serve you!

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Student Agreement:
As a student, I agree to fulfill my responsibilities to the curriculum and to my Facilitator by participating in all required activities and staying accountable to finish my assignments. For networking purposes, I authorize the release of my email address to fellow Students & Facilitators only.

Have you attended an Intensive/Transforum Event?

I agree to fulfill the Intensive/Transforum Event requirement: For GoLife100 students, attendance before the course or within the next 12 months; for GoBusiness100 students, attendance prior to enrollment in GoBusiness200. NOTE: Graduation status/completion of the school is contingent upon attendance of an event.

PAYMENT: Once your enrollment form is submitted, please complete payment. Your enrollment is not complete until full payment has been made OR you have submitted a Payment Plan and made a deposit.

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