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Master Principle

  • Principle Eight: Localism–Centralization

    Principle Eight: Localism–Centralization

    As noted with Principle Three: Reciprocity of our series on the Twelve Master Principles, many major principles are counterbalanced by an opposite principle. The intertwined examination of the equal-opposite relationship between localism and centralization is one such reality. Human relations tend towards intense, close relationships and, conversely, the constant pull of merging these relationships with…

  • Principle Two: Choice

    Principle Two: Choice

    The second of our Twelve Master Principles is about active choice, the foundation of all true freedom. It is counterbalanced by the principle of reciprocity (the subject of next month’s discussion) which measures choice by its effect on others. Together, choice and reciprocity give us appropriate freedom within the context of “loving your neighbor as…

  • Principle One: Transcendence

    Principle One: Transcendence

    The first of our Twelve Master Principles is Transcendence or “ultimate issues.” This principle comprehensively requires that any activity we are seriously investing life into must be carefully able to answer the following questions: What are the ultimate and most important values, outcomes, and strategic investments connected to this endeavor? Exactly, what are we doing…