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Trump vs. Sanders: Measuring How Divided We Are


March 2016

Trump.SandersThe very fact that our upcoming presidential election could pit Bernie Sanders against Donald Trump has given us a much-needed measuring stick to attempt to calculate how truly divided this nation really is. My answer is, “beyond imagination.” That such a gap is now beginning to more fully manifest tells us a number of mind-numbing but tragic things. Let’s try and trace some of the issues that got us here.

Here is my top-ten list of the most likely candidates and culprits that helped get us here:

  1. An absolutely inept handling of the money and banking crisis by conservatives as they faced the Great Depression and cut back the money supply and choked off both hope and investments.
  2. Franklin Roosevelt, the “gentlemen socialist,” who helped create the myth that centralizing civic power is the primary way to resolve a nation’s problems.
  3. Post-war child psychologist, Benjamin Spock, who, without substance, convinced large numbers of the American public to avoid firm discipline and actions, preventing reality and consequences from touching the baby-boomer generation.
  4. Alfred Kinsey, another sociologist clown who criminally falsified data wherein he convinced millions of Americans that sexual deviancy was “normal” for a minimum of ten percent of the population and that this deviancy should be viewed as acceptable and not be challenged.
  5. The calculated and gradual takeover of our nation’s best academic institutions by the hard-left opponents of Judeo-Christian values and influence. Their most successful accomplishment was to so ridicule the idea of “conspiracy” (thank you, Erich Fromm, among others) that only “nut cases” believed in them.
  6. The complex, Achilles’-heel issue of America’s history with slavery and our inabilities to honestly deal with the colossal mishandling of the Post-Civil War. The result was the destruction of both the South and the critically needed reconstruction of the African-American people’s absorption into the American dream of upward economic mobility and the full-fledged rights of our Constitution. This issue is still far from finished and is rumbling in our basement.
  7. The further deterioration of the family unit as baby boomers raised their children on Dr. Spock’s teachings with added steroids and a few mind-altering drugs for good measure. The “do-your-own-thing” mindset it produced is largely responsible for our 50% divorce rate, entitlement mindset, and focus on feeling good about ourselves as students rather than actual learning because hard work and discipline are the tools of uptight authoritarians.
  8. The “you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me” removal of virtually all history requirements, civic teaching, introduction to basic economics, home-making skills, practical woodshop-type classes, etc., from grammar school through high school. Who else besides me remembers the values of these classes as they give us at least a measure of our history and the values we at least aspired to achieve?
  9. The racist-based emergence of Planned Parenthood, the gift that keeps on giving as euthanasia and the destruction of “inconvenient human beings,” continues to roll out. Beyond all this barbarism, who else recognizes the economic consequences of removing over a third of our population? Yes, folks, over a third since the sixty million aborted ones are now into the third generation of their own would-have-been-born children!
  10. The centralization of political, economic, and institutional power into the hands of public and “shadow” leaders who are convinced local decision-making and local cultural development are detrimental to the essential need to control the masses. Spliced into this control mechanism is a high focus on entertainment (controlled by a handful of people), the dumbing-down cultural dialogue on mass media outlets, and the political correctness to shame real discussion into private conversation which is now the re-defined notion of constitutionally protected freedom of speech.

The list could go on. I am sure I am omitting issues all of us could add to my list. So here we are with a well-intentioned socialist who clearly knows nothing about economic history, the sustainability of employment, etc., talking to millions of youth who are the victims of the ten issues I just raised, ignorantly crying out to the socially designed ignorant. On the other hand, we have “The Donald,” populist egotist, mobilizing the angry victims of the “top ten” culprits we just slogged through, mad as hell and betting on the come that Donald can actually pull off “making America great again.” Well, Donald, unless you—or anyone else for that matter—is willing to truly engage how we got here and how to begin to reverse it, you don’t have a snowball’s chance in you know where.

By God’s grace and some really serious talking by the right people, we could begin a new start in this twenty-first century “flat world.” But until populist reactions and ignorant sound bites subside on both sides of this great divide, it ain’t going to happen. And that is… THE BOTTOM LINE.