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The Democratic Party: Where Is Home?

BL-Pencil-Cutout-Transparent-960x470-txtNovember 2018

Our upcoming elections are obviously very important for the momentum and direction of our nation. While speculations vary as to the outcome of the Republicans maintaining control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, I expect a relative dead heat in both cases; neither party will make major gains, and they will remain in a logjam position, making significant legislative progress tentative at best. Our nation will remain divided with each of the two main parties holding a base of approximately 30% or less  and battling to pull in the at-large swing votes. So much for a semi-frozen situation.

The recent Justice Cavanaugh blood-bath revealed a new public level of gloves-off desperation on behalf of the Democratic Party’s so-called “progressive” base. It also solidifies the reality that the Democratic Party has lost its ability to change America to a harder left position through a Judicial Court creating laws rather than interpreting our Constitution. That, my friends, is a big deal and a game-changer for the next several decades, at least. That said, an even bigger issue is looming in our next ten years that will affect the whole world—the Democratic Party will be forced to identify its core values, its target constituencies, and the message it will take to attract and hold them.

A short list of the Democratic Party’s current “minor” problems:

  1. It has lost the control it had for the last four or five decades over the Supreme Court and won’t regain it for some years to come. This means no more deconstruction of the Constitution in the foreseeable future. This was a vital part of the Party’s long-run strategy.
  2. It owns no comprehensive public policy issues that might recover its crumbling base. Obamacare killed its corner on healthcare. It has no foreign affairs policy. Its “new” economic policy is to pump dead plasma fluids of socialism into the corpses of past nations which convincingly proved socialism doesn’t work; nevertheless, it’s praying “seven come eleven” for a miracle resurrection of a putrefied economic nightmare. Their policy zeros could go and on… One thing we know for sure is that the party of political correctness, gay rights, and failed attempts to minimize the disaster of inner-city ghettoes has no major policy victories that can sustain the long-term foundations of a culture.
  3. It has a fundamental disconnect from at least 30% of the values of the old Democratic Party which is largely mainstream Americana and doesn’t identify with our current leadership extrapolation of 1960’s utopianism now called “progressivism.”
  4. Of course, the scariest goblin facing them all is Donald Trump. After 70 years of largely controlling the media, universities, the entertainment sector, and the control of language strategy (which the political right is too dense to understand), his election is the most faith-killing development of them all! How is this possible, Donald Trump?

Beyond all this required re-think I am suggesting for the left lies an essential point—and lest some think I have forgotten about the conservative right—both parties are dangerously close to being Humpty-Dumpty who had a great fall because he couldn’t see the changes confronting us all. Before this discussion will gain any ground, we need to see more of the gasping, grasping gyrations of the Progressives witnessed in the last month. Whatever happens in our upcoming election—one that is driven by anger and primitive-level awareness—the really big issues lie still largely marginalized and superficially explored, and that is…


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