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The George Floyd Moment

For a brief period of time, the people of the United States of America were essentially united concerning the black-white racial issues that so endanger our future as a nation. Captured by a video that left no room for alternative points of view, universally the phrase, “I can’t breathe,” decisively penetrated tens of millions of people. We were no longer black or white; we were human beings overwhelmed by a tidal wave of injustice that flattened white objections and confirmed black experiences. During that 24 hours or so in which we were compressed together, a truly new and liberating future was opened to us. Yet, the forces of hell saw to it that it was quickly closed. That short moment was at least as important to us as a nation as the period of unity given to us when we rallied behind the burning towers of 911. The George Floyd moment opened a new future to be seized, one in which the honesty and sensitivity of racial issues that may have never been fully dealt with since the 1860’s could come to the forefront of our public conversation. “I can’t breathe” prophetically enclosed us all, forcing a common perspective if such a thing was to happen. The question is, will we get another chance?

Instead of a sustained and growing consensus that police brutality towards African Americans was not only real but not uncommon, we were quickly moved to a preset agenda to dismantle our police systems, rather than arrest and expel the racist ones. Like a submerged iceberg, the Black Lives Matter organization began to rise from the sea with its core but hidden agenda to deconstruct the fabric of Christian-based Western civilization from our moorings. The Black Lives Matter organizational leaders publicly displayed a whole different agenda. Illumination of police abuse and racism, seen and unseen, was quickly pushed out of the way to make room for the Marxist-based agenda. As a former Marxist ideologue, I know this agenda well. I know it better than almost any of them. Lenin’s playbook has been carefully followed. I will at least give their leaders that. It’s no longer about racism or rogue cops, it’s about the whole fabric and history of Christian-oriented civilization.

To own a future, a revolutionary must destroy the past. I am tempted to rehearse the Marxist playbook, but I don’t think most naive Americans could handle it; too much of it is already in place or quickly moving there. Here’s the bottom line: All authority figures and structures are to be humiliated and ridiculed in order to make way for the coming “utopia,” creating the truly just and cleansed new order. As my old mentor, Hegel, said, “If God exists, he is the state walking on the earth.” My friends, the move to reshape and destabilize legitimate authority will continue into the next phase. And yes, this is real, like COVID-19, and not just another “communist” conspiracy hoax. If you can’t see how fast this has already moved from February 2020 to July 2020, you need help.

For many reasons, I knew a day like this would surely come with its challenging agenda. The massive chinks in our socioeconomic system and tepid Christian theology paved the way for it. It’s now here preceded by a flattening plague which is quickly disconnecting significant numbers of people from their grasp on their own personal reality. Logic or historic rationality will not be of much help getting us out of the “new reality” of the “liberation of the revolution.” I clearly admit that I never expected the new day to come in this way and so cleverly engineered by Satan’s earthly council. The next move is quickly separating the Joe Biden campaign from the Democratic “radicals” in order to get him elected. If they succeed, Trump loses. Then, on to consolidation and addressing of their hidden and underlying agenda. Selah. Tune in for more, and that is…


P.S. Our turn is ahead of us.

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