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The Great Divide: The Abortion Debate on Steroids

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June 2019

As many of you know, both cats and I have had nine lives. Back in my days at UC Berkeley, radicalized by the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and the Realpolitik the general public seldom hears about, I was enthralled by Karl Marx’s early philosophical manuscripts. They were utopian, insightful, and very pro the development of our humanity and consciousness. Galaxies away from what his writing would later produce under Lenin, Stalin, and the boys, his words were inspirational for those who wanted to see the poor and alienated workers of the Industrial Revolution humanized. Following the spirit of the French Revolution, Marx was a champion of those ruined by Western conformity and blinded to the cosmic role they were to play in history and the overwhelming force of dialectic materialism. Go left, young man, go left!

The recent legislation in Alabama regarding abortion can be likened to the famous phrase depicting the beginning of our war for independence from Great Britain; it began with a “shot heard ‘round the world.” Alabama’s legislature has fired a shot of their own. Indeed, this hotly debated issue shall have us seeing at new levels the depth of division within Western society, particularly within the United States. To those of us who experienced the heat of all this in the 1980s and ‘90s, this will be our second ride. I am quite sure, however, this ride promises to be even more severe.

I see the hardball question as simply this: Can one human being own another human as personal property and dispose of them as they will? We have already fought gruesomely over this question in the Civil War about 150 years ago. The root issue is identical: Slavery said “yes,” one person can own another person to the point of death. Let’s see how that flies this time around. If and when abortion is properly linked with slavery—because at its root, it is exactly the same thing—abortion “rights” will be supremely challenged as the South found out standing on states’ rights in 1860. People don’t ever own people like “things,” fetuses, or disposable inconveniences.

As is historically the case here in the US, African Americans play a major historic and prophetic role in all of this. Planned Parenthood, led by the queen of racism, Margaret Sanger, targeted the eradication of black babies when abortion was introduced en masse in America, post-World War II. Riding on the coattails of the discovery of penicillin, which could now cure the scourge of sexually transmitted diseases and awaiting the widespread use of the pill in the 1960s, sexual mores radically changed and introduced the “necessity” of mass abortion to the liberated women of the world. Margaret’s extermination machine went into high gear and helped create two massive social changes: the rise of the liberated woman and the absorption of African Americans into the Democratic political party as their “friend” due to their solution of unwanted children, undergirded with the Great Society’s welfare support system trapping them into perpetual dependence. All this “support” was being instituted as Margaret’s extermination machine was disproportionately eliminating black babies through friendly abortion. Every serious student of these social linkages and their dog knows this. George Soros knows this, Van Jones knows this, and I had a very intelligent cat named Tarla who probably knew this.

The game then became “turn on the smoke machine” so these obvious linkages don’t become known to African Americans, nor the otherwise occupied larger population at hand. This time, game-over may be in sight; the great division is creating an atmosphere of blunt, in-your-face truth as polite conversation continues to dissipate. I have no claim to predict how far this will take us as a divided nation. One of the largest and most prominent African American denominations has begun to denounce abortion as being a racist ploy which, at some time in the process, could be a game changer. I have been convinced for decades that African Americans hold far more high cards in this game than they know. In the abortion rationale, they hold almost all the cards. When the abortion human logic, “I own who is in my body” gets properly linked with “those slaves belong to me,” the whole social-political game will change. This will redefine and scramble beyond recognition our current log-jammed political party insanity. I do not expect the remnants of either party to look like they do now.

Truth, however, is a scarce commodity; so often in our culture, it gets flipped on its head, confirmed by so-called experts, and put into perpetual motion by the media machine. Regarding this tragedy of legal slavery by pregnant landowners wanting to rid themselves of the life they own and not wanting to be further inconvenienced therewith, distortions abound. Rapper, Offset, gave us just such an example in a recent Tweet in which he claims that the laws which protect the life of a child force the mother into slavery. By this logic, the child has no right to life because it denies the slave mother her freedom to kill. This tells us that slavery should have been remanded because to terminate it would have denied the rights of the slave owner to kill as was necessary. Say what?

One final note: Look how quickly abortion eclipsed our current political focus on subjects like immigration, the Mueller Report, and “let’s destroy Number 45.” Undoubtedly, these issues will remain with us through the 2020 election cycle, but none of them carry the explosive power of the abortion debate. What other “suddenlies” lurk in our near future? This I do know; the spiritual climate is rapidly changing. Very rapidly. And that is… 

The Bottom Line.

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