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The Power of Interruptions

dennis peacockeby Dennis Peacocke

November 2010

ALL OF US LIVE OUR LIVES based on the habits and routines we establish both consciously and unconsciously. These routines reflect our values and circumstances until interrupted. Their momentum carries us until something or someone collides with that momentum and diverts us.

Many of you are aware that in the last months I have been arrested by a serious illness in my lower intestines which certainly has interrupted both my life and those around me and connected to me. The most powerful interruptions are the ones we never see coming and I never saw this one for sure. It has not only changed my daily life over these last several months, but it has also changed me as a person, and that is the primary reason I believe God allowed it.

From the beginning of the realization that this health issue was serious and that I could not power my way out of it, I have become more clearly aware of the prophetic parallels between this and the current global economic crisis that we are in. It is real, it is not going to resolve quickly and we will not be able to power our way out of it.

Once an interruption is finally acknowledged as real and formidable, the first thing that comes up in most people and in the culture is the phenomenon of denial. This phenomenon is working powerfully in our nation right now. Many believe that changing political parties will resolve the problems and our old, familiar routines will soon reemerge. I do not believe they will. We have some very, very hard choices in front of us that will require levels of collective sacrifice unseen for decades; we cannot simply get through this by medicating the symptoms. Change on deep levels is in front of all of us. I would never have chosen for myself this interruption in my health, yet I appreciate what I have been able to learn from God through it. I believe it can be the same for us as a nation with the crisis we are currently facing if we boldly address the core issues. If we continue to merely address the symptoms and not examine the root, we will not move forward. True change begins from the inside out and the bottom up, and that is…… the bottom line.