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Truth and Context

“The first to plead his case seems right until another comes and examines him.” —Proverbs 18:17

We are a divided nation. What it will take to begin to unify us again remains to be seen. Our upcoming election will only divide us further. Identity politics has done exactly what it was designed by the Left to do—strategically fragment for the sake of cultural revolution. This is not theory or opinion; I know this reality as a lifetime student of historic revolution.

What has been going on for the last hundred years is the playing out of Lenin’s strategic plans to gradually undermine the pillars of Western Civilization’s cultural base to create a new “utopia” of a godless and wholly secular global government. All of us who are students of historic political-economics and political theory know this to be true, regardless of which side we have aligned with in this revolution’s historic battle.

For those of us resting upon the Judeo-Christian side, our confidence is ultimately in the triumph of God and His power over all things. For the radical secularists and the haters of the notion of God as represented in the Scriptures, they are relying on two things: 1) their view of the “inevitability” of man’s demand to free himself from any control while maintaining general compliance to science’s laws of evolution, and 2) the simple-minded ignorance and gullibility of the masses.

As a rule, the simplicity of the “ultimate” social game of humanity is just that: too simple. Being “educated” has so greatly played to their intellectual vanity that ultimate issues and truths just “have to have” much greater complexity and alternative perspectives. Surely, it could not be as easy as breaking things down to a mere contest of the wills between a Creator and the compliance of the will of those He created. Can personal human choice really be the culmination of what all this is about? To the sophisticated mind and in the confidence of one’s own will, this kind of thinking or reality has only one appropriate word, “absurd.”

My purpose with all this is to set a context for how we may evaluate the general historical framework in which we live and how certain activities should be rightly seen by their long-term role in this cosmic drama. In particular, I think about the current attempt by the Democratic Party, its increasingly anti-God secular posture, and its corrosive influence in multiple areas of global society. Clearly, the political wars are increasingly spiritually based rather than politically based. I am reminded that true virtue is not so-call “social justice.” It is the degree to which that justice aligns its core with biblical concepts and applications. Truth is alignment with God since man has not been given the power or authority to establish truth himself/herself.

Dropping down into the weeds, where is the truth regarding what should be done in this whole impeachment process now endlessly engulfing us? Are President Trump’s abrasive nature and offensive speech posing a clear and present danger to the Republic, or is the greater danger the brazen and nonstop commitment to removing him from office by any political means possible? Has he polluted the system, or is the system legitimately protecting itself from the President’s rude ways and delight in taking personal credit so directly? To the point, is Donald Trump the man a truly systemic threat to our virtue, or is his virtue in the turning over of some very questionable tables in the temple? If the President did selfishly seek a political advantage over a potential political opponent, where do the scales balance out with that act versus, for example, his attendance of and life-affirming speech at the recent national pro-life rally, unprecedented for any sitting president? In the historic battle between the forces of man-the-rebel and man-the-obedient, what is the appropriate approach in weighing out his many achievements versus his unparalleled antagonism?

I am not interested in cutting people slack. I am frequently almost nauseated by the whole political drama and its not-ready-for-prime-time antics. I am saying that the historic battle for man’s alignment with God rather than himself must become the ultimate context in which we decide who and what to stand with and not let the lesser things, valuable as some may be, divide and conquer what matters most. Western Civilization, with its many faults, is well worth saving from the poisonous erosion of the Left’s utopia prison. And that is…


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