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Where Will You Draw the Line?

A coalescing of political, economic, medical, and spiritual forces has given our world a historic epoch yet to be defined. I foresaw this phenomenon (minus the COVID crisis) and wrote about it ten years ago in my book, On the Destiny of Nations. I referred to it as the “Great Reset” that would accompany a “Great Debate.” I do not claim to be a prophet, but I have foreseen for decades the consequences of Marxist critiques of capitalism—an unresolved battle fiercely driven by powerful spiritual forces.

Many believed that the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 was the end of socialistic demands as an active ideology. Most in the West never truly understood its power or potential. External appearances frequently do not accurately portray the scope of unseen realities. To the point: Bullets may kill bodies, but they do not kill ideas or spiritual forces. What appeared to “come out of nowhere” in early 2020 has been building unnoticed since the cultural shifts in the 1960s. As I have often discussed, I was in the center of that shift in Berkeley. It is a long time from 1968 to 2022, but I assure you, the hidden forces behind our current global social eruption have been coming together for fifty-plus years.

The great gulf now culturally dividing the people of the United States and others in nations around the world will not soon go away. The forces of the radical left are too committed and publicly exposed to draw back now. Their “advance forces” have been deeply implanted into the heart of the Democratic Party and those leading the social tech world. The strategic takeover of major universities has produced at least forty years of “properly indoctrinated” minions, now positioned in corporate leadership roles globally. Social media, virtually all the major news media, Hollywood, the academic community, and corporate wealth elements of the defense military have all “drunk the Kool-Aid.” They cry to tear it all down and rebuild the possibility of a new “just” society. Is all this conspiracy? No, it is over a hundred years of constantly pushing patiently ahead. The skill of this is exceeded only by the naïveté of conservative leaders. The street humor in Washington says, “We have two political parties: the evil party and the stupid party.” Amen.

The hardcore left believes in the investments they have made in their strategic takeover. They mean business and will do whatever it takes—including violence—to achieve control over the levers of social-political power. Their commitment to Marxist-socialist civil government control is driven by a spiritual world they know nothing about, with “enlightened” ideology appearing in clothing it has never worn before. This “new” Marxist logic has shed the class-warfare talk and donned a new garment focused on social equality. It is centered around critical theory arguments on systemic racism, sexual freedom, and gender identity, granting “compassionate” approval to all marginalized groups. Their agenda to flatten economic wealth differences applies to everyone except the elite ruling class which mandates and enforces their worldview. All this finger-pointing brings us to the question we all must ask ourselves, “Where will you draw the line?”

Take Your Pick: One or More of the Following Decisions Awaits You

  1. Your children, their education, and healthcare belong to the state, not you as parents. The “experts” logically should direct them. Besides, you don’t have the time, energy, or training to do that. Go to your governmentally safe-guarded job and be grateful. If you foolishly choose to go your own way, you will pay for it in some administrative and financial way.
  2. Your religious freedom is canceled. We can do that through many clever “if/then” scenarios.
  3. Citizenship is no longer required to vote, and immigration is a “human right” regardless of unintended consequences (like your job, absurd crime rates, massive inflation, and government wage controls).
  4. The elimination of “freedom of speech” if anything you say undercuts social unity and government policy.
  5. Ongoing attacks on the nuclear family as the primary framer of social values and school and employment choices.
  6. “Essential” universal healthcare, including such choices as “guided” euthanasia.
  7. The exclusion of constitutional rights through the federalization of all voting laws, employment agreements, approved education, small-business contracts, law-enforcement policies, and national defense policies.

I cannot go on despite the lengthy list we could create. Some may be asking, “Am I for real in all this?” Unfortunately, COVID lies and false science are just the beginning. But be of good heart—the passion of those who draw lines combined with God’s ideas and greater plan cast a very large vote. And that, my friends, is…


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