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Doing Business God’s Way Supplemental PowerPoint Download

Doing Business God’s Way Supplemental PowerPoint Download


Supplemental content for a Doing Business God’s Way Transformation Group Study in PowerPoint Presentation form (view preview HERE). Includes 13 exclusive, short chapter illustrations (.ppmt files) with visual summaries for the intro and each chapter of the Doing Business God’s Way book: Introduction & Overview Chapter 1: God is Building a Family Business Chapter 2: Maturity…


Doing Business God’s Way is an in-depth study of how God builds and manages His resources so that we can begin to build and manage the same way. It reveals amazing insights into God’s heart for work and rest; the difference between wealth and riches; and the importance of leadership and management. It provides twelve principles upon which businesses should be built and lays a tremendous framework for personal and social problem solving according to biblical principles.

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