Let’s Talk Series CD/USB Transformation Small Group


Change your life by revolutionizing your relationships! This series on communication skills provides breakthrough material for healthier relationships in every arena of life—whether at home, work, church, or the community. It is designed to capture the interest of believers and unbelievers alike as they discover the power and life of applying God’s principles to relationships. Learn how to build or rebuild, strengthen, and maintain a “bridge of trust,” understand healthy conflict resolution, and gain intimacy. Each 45-minute session is broken into two parts, allowing for natural discussion breaks.

7-part audio/video series with printed workbook. Session titles include:

  1. The Nature of Communication and Intimacy
  2. Growing Relationships, Part 1
  3. Growing Relationships, Part 2
  4. The Rules of Engagement
  5. Defining Our Responses to Pain and Pressure
  6. Building the Bridge of Trust
  7. Defending What We’ve Built

Choose between an audio CD set -or- a USB flash drive containing MP4 digital video downloads; these will be mailed to you, and a printed workbook is included with either format. Additional Student Workbooks and the Leader’s Guide are available a la carte from the drop-down menu.

Click here for the MP3 Audio Download and MP4 Video Download virtual formats which include the Student Workbook in PDF.

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CD with Student Workbook, MP4 on USB with Student Workbook, Leader's Guide, Additional Student Workbook