The Love Series MP3


Love is not a static dimension—you can always grow. Learn to release God’s love more freely and effectively to those you love and want to love, and gain a deeper passion and greater consistency of your love for the Lord. This 11-part audio series includes teachings by Dennis Peacocke, Barney Coombs, Jan Peacocke, and Earl Pitts.

11-Part MP3 Audio Series with Notes. Teachings Include:

  1. Dynamic of Covenant Love I
  2. Dynamic of Covenant Love II
  3. Christ’s Love for the Father
  4. The Father’s Love for Us
  5. Don’t Waste Your Life
  6. Love Runs on Rails
  7. Keeping Love Alive and Growing
  8. Sharing in the Prayer Life of Jesus
  9. Love is a Team Sport
  10. Loving Your Children
  11. Finances and the Love of God