School Repeat & Family Rate


$100 REPEAT FEE: A student who repeats enrollment of a course, after previous failing or dropping the course, may re-enroll at the discounted repeat enrollment rate of $100 (plus unpaid tuition balance, if applicable). Please also complete the Repeat Registration Form.

$100 SPOUSE/FAMILY RATE: A person may enroll in the same course as their spouse or household family member (e.g. sibling/parent), in either the same year or a different year, for a minimal administrative fee of $100 for the second person. Physical curriculum materials are shared, however, you may contact the office to purchase a second set at additional cost. Please also complete the appropriate registration form: GoBusiness100 | GoBusiness200 | GoLife100 | GoLife200

For group rates or family rates for 3 or more people, please contact the office at or 707-578-7700.

If you would like to attend a GoBusiness or GoLife course which you have previously completed with a passing grade, do not pay the repeat fee; rather, please visit the School Audit Fee page.