Transforum 2023 Event Recordings


Simple Principles for Today’s Complex Issues
Recorded May 4-6, 2023 in Santa Rosa, CA

7-part MP3 audio series with PDF syllabus:

  1. SESSION 1: Back to Basics: What Truth do You Own? by Dennis Peacocke
  2. SESSION 2: The Crossroads of Culture by Adam Peacocke
  3. SESSION 3: Kingdom Leadership in a Divided Age by Jayde Duncan
  4. SESSION 4: Strategic Thinking by Dennis Peacocke
  5. SESSION 5: Worldview as Lifestyle by Katherine Gallagher
  6. GOLIFE FEATURED WORKSHOP: God Uses Leaders to Change the World by Jayde Duncan
  7. GOBUSINESS FEATURED WORKSHOP: What Does a Christian Business Look Like? by Bruce Billington