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A Democratic Party Nightmare: Major Black Denomination Declares War on Abortion


July 2018

What could be worse for the Democratic Party than President Trump appointing four Supreme Court Justices? I know: The majority of African American clergy declaring an anti-racist war on abortion. Well, it looks like it has started. The Church of God in Christ, a global African American church with over 6.5 million members, has recently taken a hard stand against this racist genocide practice. In a recent article by the AFA Journal, it was noted that while African Americans make up about 13% of the population, they account for at least 35% of the abortions. All of us who know anything about Planned Parenthood’s Founder, Margaret Sanger, know she was an upfront racist targeting the abortion “solution” to poor black children especially. This is not a “dirty little secret”; it is an undisputed fact. The Church of God in Christ is a widely respected mainline Pentecostal Church, and I have worked with its leaders all the way back to the late 1970s. This is a potential game-changer since abortion is a foundation stone of the Democratic Party platform, racist origins notwithstanding.

To be sure, there are some Republicans who believe in “pro-choice” abortion which involves everyone’s right to “consent,” except for the child being murdered. But this progressive Democratic Party problem would be like a major part of the Republican Party saying they want to get rid of capitalism and move towards a planned market economy. I am sure that as God’s Kingdom-values inevitably march through society, some of the Republicans’ core positions and practices will also be challenged. But abortion is one human being deciding to take the life of another for no reason except convenience, and that is not a political position, it is a life-and-death level of ultimate ethics.

Once again, all of you who know the genesis of the pro-abortion, planned-parenting iconic standard are clear that abortion here in America had a populist, racist origin that went far beyond the pregnant teen who “made a mistake” and needed to be “rescued” from the hard challenges of an interruptive child. I have always marveled that the Democratic Party, which championed the rights of the poor and the unfairly treated, would become the party of pro-death. It was all about politics and women’s rights I am sure. Politics does more than make strange bed-fellows, to use an old American phrase; it often sells people’s ethics and consciences for the sake of power, control, and access to resources.

On one level, this latest development, while potentially changing American politics in an unexpected way, advances the cause of racial justice and human ethics magnificently. On another level, it will further add to the shrill sound of more social division, name calling, borrowed self-righteousness, and host of other disheartening social animosities. Really dirty laundry makes the washing machine make ugly sounds. I get that. All this being said, I look forward to future days after the coming Great Reset when there is a time of rest for fallen mankind before the ultimate challenges take us all into eternity. And that is…


To read the referenced article, COGIC Resolves to Protect Life, please visit: https://afajournal.org/past-issues/2018/july/cogic-resolves-to-protect-life/. For help with a crisis pregnancy, text COGICMISSIONS to 22828.



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