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The Politics of Sexuality


June 2018

He created them male and female, and blessed them and named
them Mankind at the time they were created. -Genesis 5:2

Historically and globally, sexuality has been far more of a cultural and personal issue than a political issue. Not so today. Issues related to sexuality and the core nature of males and females are among the most challenging and divisive topics of our day. These issues directly affect economics, education, the family unit, voting patterns, and employment while prompting severe cultural penalization for those on the “wrong side” of the politically correct spectrum of opinion.

A Quick Historical Look

An anthropological examination of male/female sexuality and gender identity presents a mixed picture. While so-called “traditional” male/female identity would be the overwhelming global pattern, homosexuality or bisexuality has been commonly recognized and culturally reacted to in a variety of ways. Laws regarding these behaviors were few, and virtually all of them related to their practice in public places.

While Old Testament law clearly recognized sexual sin, the penalties “politically” (i.e., in public) were dependent on the behavior being verified by at least two witnesses. The point is this: Sexual behavior has spiritual and even public consequences, but sexual conduct was not something people hunted for through vigilant spying or banging down of doors to see who was doing what to whom. Sexual sin was something you were personally accountable for before the Lord, but not a witch hunt in the public arena.

Even in Ancient Greece where male worship was prevalent, homosexual activity openly practiced in the streets was not civilly accepted by cultured citizens. The Roman culture was less invested in male worship and relatively tolerant of sexual choices. In Asia, Africa, and other non-Western people groups, heterosexuality was the norm and “deviations” created a variety of responses. In none of these referenced cultures was sexuality anything like what we see today in the globally “flat” cultural world. Teaching on the subjects of sexual preferences or gender identity was certainly not part of school classroom discussion.

What Is Driving This Politics of Sexuality?

Why is there now so much focus and demand on people’s sexual opinions and the issues related to sexuality so as to create multiple policy laws and brutally severe cultural reprisals? Here are a few contributing factors:

  • Human sexual lifestyle choices exist now in ways that were historically not possible.
  • The introduction of the birth control pill and widespread safe/legal abortion.
  • The removal of social stigmas regarding sex outside of marriage.
  • The widespread legality of no-fault divorce.
  • The feminist movement and vast changes in traditional male/female roles.
  • Video technology capturing sexual activity of all sorts, globally disseminated through the internet. Pornography remains the backbone of global web merchandizing.
  • Economic prosperity on an unprecedented level allowing limited work demands for sheer survival, hence, an increase in physical energy and discretionary time; historically, this was only accessible to the wealthy, a minute fraction of the population.
  • From many points of view, a toxic culture of “pleasure” trumping all other human endeavors and obliterating the sacredness of monogamous and covenantal relationships.

Public Education and Sexual Regulations

All these things and more have resulted in the acceleration of three phenomena: 1) The indoctrination of our children in this new sexual philosophy, 2) The fragmentation of parental involvement in the sexual education of their children (further exacerbated by social media as the peer-parenting emphasis) and 3) An increasing pull by the “progressive” left politically that children and their education belong to the public education system and their “enlightened” responsibility (a historic socialist/elitist foundational concept). This push-pull phenomenon has created an unprecedented onslaught of bureaucratic edicts wherein schools are taking full responsibility for the sexual education, values, and perspectives given to all children with regulations ever-lightening whatever role parents have in this drama. A sexually obsessed culture now has civil government as the ultimate parent determining children’s view of their sexuality and encouraging them to be as fluid as their culture in determining who they are and how they should replicate this situation in their own parenting and commitment to monogamous relationships, whatever the genders may be. The state, as “big brother,” wants to own everything culturally. They apparently believe that parents are too stupid to be left with that responsibility.

This situation is undermining the political stability of multiple nations and creating new political parties and alliances. Since the political parties of the world have infused these perspectives into the left/right antagonisms built into the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the Word Bank, the plot is indeed thickening beyond what should be said here. But trust me, the politics of sexuality and who should determine the sexual education of future generations is a force to be reckoned with. More will be said about this later.

So how did we get here from Adam and Eve and “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him (Genesis 2:18)?” Let’s just say there was a great deal of strategy involved, and that is…


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