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Fauci, Masks, and My Brave New Plane Ride

June 2021 – Special Edition

Recently, I took my first airplane trip in sixteen months. I have usually flown between 70,000 to 115,000 miles per year since 1978. Needless to say, staying home this much has been a wonderfully strange but much needed time. Of course, getting on the airplane with masked people who clearly felt very tense about the experience was equally strange—enough so that I began to ask God, “What am I experiencing right now that is so disturbing?” I believe The Holy Spirit allowed me to identify what I was surrounded by: dozens of really traumatized people. Hence, these brief observations.

 Firstly, Dr. Fauci, whatever his true motivations and entanglements surrounding the virus and its social debris may be, I believe he has done us no favors. My “unkind” observations are that he is a highly unstable narcissist. He also “pulled the sheets” on the reality that the scientific world is far more divided on many fronts than we mere mortals would ever have imagined. Shame on our naiveté! That said, we needed more stability not less, one would think.

These progressive leaders leading the narrative have given us a whole new set of “truths” to ponder as we grope to find vestiges of stability in the new COVID-19 world. Enjoy the list and appreciate how relieved we should be to know these things:

  1. Sheltering in place was good for everyone in all situations and “science” demands the total disruption of people hanging onto their old-fashioned needs for routines and predictable outcomes.
  2. “Science” is actually subjective and cannot be trusted to be interpreted correctly on many things.
  3. Karl Marx was right after all and the millions of people dying or suffering under his worldview over the last century is nothing but an essential get-the-kinks-out dry run for what we all must finally surrender to shamefully.
  4. The teachers’ unions are infinitely more important than the troublesome children. Education has a high voter value only when it comes the résumés of those running for office. Society’s true rulers know all that needs to be known to run nations.
  5. Identity politics must unite us, cure us, and help us “cleanse the deplorables” as Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and other socially conscious, democratically elected leaders have shown us repeatedly in world history.
  6. There is no need to study the Constitution in public school or have any understanding of its meaning even though our military and elected officials “solemnly swear” to uphold and defend it.
  7. All of us will return to “the new normal” if we will simply obey those currently controlling our culture and the wisdom and sacrifices our rulers are making on our behalf. Stop worrying!
  8. Lastly, as the media rhetoric unceasingly tells us, hold on to your mask as a sign of loyalty and safety regardless of the science regarding them or the vaccines. More epidemics are coming, and we will guide you through them!

Politics aside, how on God’s green earth can the generations who are separated by massively different levels of education, moral values, family stability, social indoctrination, and ethnic experience come together without a common centering point? I confidently predict that the masks are largely here to stay for multitudes of people. It is their sign of blind obedience and allegiance, a “badge” showing they care about other people, and one of the diminishing things they can actually control.

As I sat on that plane before take-off, the collective thoughts on this page went through my mind in a matter of seconds as the remaining passengers boarded the plane. I literally cried for what I saw in the people and where this all may go. They were indeed sheep with no shepherd and adults whose foundations were in various stages of collapse. I cried quietly for some time, but nobody saw me. I was dutifully wearing my mandated mask.


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