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Transforum 2023

WHO WE ARE: Founded in 1979 by Dennis & Jan Peacocke, GoStrategic is an international, nonprofit Christian ministry based out of Santa Rosa, California. Our mission is to equip and support Kingdom disciples committed to truth and ongoing transformation through our online schools, events, networking, and educational materials. The common thread throughout all we do is a focus on biblical worldview, principle-based living, and strategic thinking.

WATCH: Short Overview Video

ABOUT THE EVENT: Hosted at The Promise Center in Santa Rosa, California, May 4-6, the theme of our 2023 Transforum Event is: Simple Principles for Today’s Complex Issues. Join us as we explore this topic through dynamic sessions with our keynote speakers, “TED”-like video talks, breakout workshops, discussion groups, and relational time. Together, we will discover, practice, and disseminate God’s method for living strategically in the midst of our world and culture as we seek to align every aspect of our lives with His greater purposes.

ALL IN: If you would like to attend the entire 3-day conference, we invite you to click the menu links (to the right on computer or below on mobile) to register and learn more.

DROP IN: If you cannot attend the whole conference, we invite you to drop in to our Thursday evening (View Thurs Eve Program) and/or Friday evening (View Fri Eve Program) sessions from 7-9:30pm. There is no charge at the door, however, you’re welcome to make a donation. Feel free to bring a friend!

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