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  • GoStrategic, formerly known as Strategic Christian Services, is an international non-profit organization that educates and equips leaders and others for effective service and leadership using Biblical principles.

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  • Transforum 2016, Dallas, TX

    The Transforum Event is all about getting to the root of the cultural and societal shifts we are experiencing, and exploring how believers can redirect our world — socially, politically, and culturally — for Christ.

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  • KansasSkyline(4)
    SLT Kansas Intensive September 10-12, 2015

    Strategic Life Training students, facilitators and guests begin each year by attending an SLT Intensive. The Intensive provides a wonderful launching pad for the curriculum and the facilitating/mentoring component of the course and emphasizes the central nature of the Kingdom of God. Our desire is to ignite in participants a passion for the King and His Kingdom.

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