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Who’s Digging Under Your House?

by Dennis Peacocke July 2010 The foundational principles of any human institution, culture, or nation, are the most important thing for the leaders to both teach, re-enforce, and defend. If the foundations are weakened or destroyed, all that rests upon them collapses and must be re-built. We live in such a historical moment when the

Faith is “Defaulting” to What You Truly Believe

by Dennis Peacocke April 2010 There are numbers of definitions of “faith,” as different people use the word to describe different things. However, they all have a common core, and that is, having a measure of confidence in a person or thing. The immediate question then arising is this — what kind of confidence or

President Obama Tells the Truth

by Dennis Peacocke February 2010 Several weeks ago, a highly unusual event took place. President Obama met with numbers of the Republican Party senior officials and office holders. The purpose of the meeting was to “dialogue” about a wide range of topics and to start a process of much greater interactive communication. That wouldn’t be

Deceptions and Disappointments

by Dennis Peacocke January 2010 In some way, all human beings fall short in terms of being who they say they are, or think they are. Integrity, therefore, is relative, no matter how exemplary someone may be who embodies it. All of us have greater or lesser “feet of clay.” Having said this, “deception” is

On Loan to One Another

by Dennis Peacocke December 2009 A very close friend’s wife has untreatable brain cancer, and barring a direct miracle, is on her way home. Such is the common fate of us all: here, and then gone. To those of us who believe in life-after-death with one another, death itself is not frightening as much as

The Left Learns “Turnabout is Fair Play”

by Dennis Peacocke November 2009 It’s no secret that the mainline media has been left-winged for decades. We also know that the left doesn’t really believe in free speech. If you doubt this, try and bring a conservative speaker to a major state University. Once the conservative talk-show radio hosts began to be able to

President Obama, the Mystery Man

by Dennis Peacocke September 2009 Barack Obama is an extraordinary man on multiple levels. He is bright, tenacious, highly strategic, and has the magic ingredient of astute political instincts. His climb up the Chicago political ladder showed that he was pliable, resourceful, and willing to claw his way to the top as he climbed over


by Dennis Peacocke August 2009 New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand recently succeeded in pressing a Senate re-examination of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, previously enacted to side-step the issue of homosexuals in the Armed Services. As long as they kept quiet about their sexual preferences and did not conspicuously engage in homosexual activity,

Entertainment: What Michael Jackson Really Means to America

by Dennis Peacocke July 2009 Michael Jackson recently passed away (most likely from issues related to the misuse of drugs) and the Unites States news media has responded to a national feeding frenzy of public concern and mourning. It is as if a person of great historical dimensions has left the nation alone and greatly

Happy Father’s Day Post-Modern America

by Dennis Peacocke June 2009 Late in June, we celebrate Father’s Day once again in modern America. To those who have fathers who are still living, who know who their father is, who remain on good speaking terms with their father, or who think it is important enough to communicate in a special way on

Learning to Speak Fish

by Dennis Peacocke May 2009 “And He said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.’” (Mt. 4:19) There are numbers of scriptures that remind Christians that they are “strangers in a strange land.” We are reminded: that we are ambassadors from another Kingdom (Col. 1:13); to live in that “alternative”

Make Yourself Fireproof

by Dennis Peacocke April 2009 In today’s unstable economic climate, virtually everyone should “fireproof” their job, making themselves and their job-related functions as essential and valuable as possible. To do anything less is presumptuous at best, and foolish or suicidal at worst. Put another way, all of us who work in today’s marketplace should attempt

The Politics of Reaction and Crisis

by Dennis Peacocke March 2009 George Bush’s presidency was defined by the events of September 11, 2001.  He seized upon this event and the issue of terrorism to create eight years of focus on policies set to “take democracy to the Middle East” and protect domestic America from terrorist attacks.  Out of these commitments came

Economics & the Current Financial Crisis

by Dennis Peacocke February 2009 The economy continues to spiral downward, as both our citizens and the nations of the world await economic remedies that have a strong chance of success. As the government unfolds its “solutions,” the crisis described as the “perfect economic storm” will neither simply go away, nor will it transcend the

A Magna Carta for Government Bail Outs

by Dennis Peacocke January 2009 In times of stress and crisis, people, organizations, and governments need a very clear set of rules or principles to measure all decisions against. Ultimately for governments, it is their Constitutions that serve this purpose.  Binding rules or limits help us to stay out of crises, help limit the negative

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