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On the Suicide of Secular Society

by Dennis Peacocke March 2012 Secular society is committing suicide in its attempt to keep Judeo-Christian values out of the public square. As it gains momentum in its crusade, the cultures of the Western World are manifesting the results: ·Economic crisis due to the values corruption of the economic system’s financial leaders ·Seriously declining birthrates

Discipling Nations: The Real Game & the Real Opponents

By Dennis Peacocke May 2012 “If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3) They can engage, or wisely re-engage. Nearly four years ago, I began writing a book on the coming economic crisis and its causes and potential cures. Little did I know where it was headed. What started out as

The Prince of Peace & the Power of Perspective

by Dennis Peacocke December 2011 It has often been said by older, more experienced people that “perspective is everything.” When I first heard this phrase years ago, I was strangely “haunted” by it. Now I am older and understand a measure of what this phrase means. Indeed, perspective is the ability to perceive what really

Our Greatest Social Challenge: Resources or Compassion?

by Dennis Peacocke November 2011 Whether we talk about the current economic challenges or the debate concerning immigration, it all comes down to the same basic challenge; do we focus on math and laws, or do we focus on the “human-need issues” involved in the equation? There is really nothing new here. History and life

The Disciplines of Character

by Dennis Peacocke August 2011 The world-system operates under the assumption that in order to bring change to a situation or person, that change must come from the outside – in (external-to-internal), and the top-down (centralized – to – local). Even though virtually all evidence is to the contrary, modern secular culture stubbornly persists in

Two Nations Under God: War of the Worldviews

by Dennis Peacocke May 2011 As we all know, the United States of America, according to our Pledge of Allegiance, is declared to be, “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” As we also all know, our last two presidential elections have revealed just how divided we are as a body


by Dennis Peacocke January 2011 THIS YEAR, as usual, most of us are wishing one another a Happy New Year. This hopefully implies that it should be better than the year that just passed. This is a beloved social custom and is based on the assumption of friendship, goodwill and the general optimism connected with

The Power of Interruptions

by Dennis Peacocke November 2010 ALL OF US LIVE OUR LIVES based on the habits and routines we establish both consciously and unconsciously. These routines reflect our values and circumstances until interrupted. Their momentum carries us until something or someone collides with that momentum and diverts us. Many of you are aware that in the

The Church’s Choice in the Kingdom of God

by Dennis Peacocke September 2010 The freedom and prosperity obedience to God’s Kingdom laws produce are designed to operate as a cosmic “magnet,” provoking and drawing people into a Kingdom lifestyle as a matter of choice, not of forced compulsion. It is enlightened self-interest that is God’s tool of dominion in this age, not force

Who’s Digging Under Your House?

by Dennis Peacocke July 2010 The foundational principles of any human institution, culture, or nation, are the most important thing for the leaders to both teach, re-enforce, and defend. If the foundations are weakened or destroyed, all that rests upon them collapses and must be re-built. We live in such a historical moment when the

Faith is “Defaulting” to What You Truly Believe

by Dennis Peacocke April 2010 There are numbers of definitions of “faith,” as different people use the word to describe different things. However, they all have a common core, and that is, having a measure of confidence in a person or thing. The immediate question then arising is this — what kind of confidence or

President Obama Tells the Truth

by Dennis Peacocke February 2010 Several weeks ago, a highly unusual event took place. President Obama met with numbers of the Republican Party senior officials and office holders. The purpose of the meeting was to “dialogue” about a wide range of topics and to start a process of much greater interactive communication. That wouldn’t be

Deceptions and Disappointments

by Dennis Peacocke January 2010 In some way, all human beings fall short in terms of being who they say they are, or think they are. Integrity, therefore, is relative, no matter how exemplary someone may be who embodies it. All of us have greater or lesser “feet of clay.” Having said this, “deception” is

On Loan to One Another

by Dennis Peacocke December 2009 A very close friend’s wife has untreatable brain cancer, and barring a direct miracle, is on her way home. Such is the common fate of us all: here, and then gone. To those of us who believe in life-after-death with one another, death itself is not frightening as much as

The Left Learns “Turnabout is Fair Play”

by Dennis Peacocke November 2009 It’s no secret that the mainline media has been left-winged for decades. We also know that the left doesn’t really believe in free speech. If you doubt this, try and bring a conservative speaker to a major state University. Once the conservative talk-show radio hosts began to be able to

President Obama, the Mystery Man

by Dennis Peacocke September 2009 Barack Obama is an extraordinary man on multiple levels. He is bright, tenacious, highly strategic, and has the magic ingredient of astute political instincts. His climb up the Chicago political ladder showed that he was pliable, resourceful, and willing to claw his way to the top as he climbed over

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