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  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Winter 2017

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Winter 2017

    Growing Possibilities in Madagascar By Marc Stettler, Director of BLS Madagascar Rivo from Madagascar and his wife, Morgane from France, were students in the Business Leadership School (BLS) which I led in Switzerland from 2013-15. A wonderful friendship developed, and in the second year, Rivo approached me with a big idea for his BLS Service […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Fall 2016

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Fall 2016

    2016 Dallas Statesmen Conference This conference exceeded expectations of those attending. It was the first meeting of the Statesmen Project open to the public. The fruit was very evident, both in terms of the quality of the plenaries and the energetic “buy in” for activism that came out of the focus groups. The principles upon […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter- Summer 2016

    GoStrategic Newsletter- Summer 2016

    2016 Asia Transforum “Worldview: In Pursuit of Truth” Returning from his recent visit to Singapore for the 2016 Asia Transforum, Dennis Peacocke reflected:   It was very clear to me on this trip that Singapore really is the “Switzerland of Asia”; that is, it is an economic hub, and it is politically aligned with democratic […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Spring 2016

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Spring 2016

    Transforum 2016 in Dallas, Texas Practical Studies for Daniels, Deborahs & Pioneers “Utterly astounding” was Dennis Peacocke’s reaction to Dr. Paul Jehle’s keynote teaching on Daniel. The ability of Scripture and Truth to minister to body, soul, and spirit is one of the most precious realities God creates. The Transforum event gives an excellent opportunity […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Winter 2016

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Winter 2016

    Florida, USA to Alberta, Canada  The Statesmen Project continues to progress in Tampa, Florida with another ecclesia prayer convocation and in Canada with a strategic leadership event centered around principle-based public policy; these two are closely linked, all a part of the Lord’s seamless garment. Informed prayer and informed action are indeed necessary partners. The […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Winter 2015

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Winter 2015

    Ministry Update from Jan Peacocke Recent meetings in Switzerland were tremendously encouraging for the progress of the Kingdom of God. They provided Dennis and me with perspective on the fruitfulness of the work done there over the last 20 years. It is marvelous to see the Lord, as always, has been preparing in the field […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Summer 2015

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Summer 2015

    Dennis and Jan Peacocke in Canada   SUMMER 2015 ASIA INTENSIVE Calgary, Alberta, Canada recently hosted the second of a series of three equipping seminars to help launch a Statesmen Project initiative to groups of churches. The goal is for individual communities to establish City Action Councils that include civic, church, and business representatives from […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Summer 2015

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Summer 2015

    SUMMER 2015 ASIA INTENSIVE The Summer 2015 Asia Intensive was recently held in Singapore. School Director, Dorcas Li, remarked, “At the graduation dinner, two students, Chen Yu and Miranda, shared their experience of walking through BLS in the past two years. All agreed that the course is life changing and even though it was hard […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Spring 2015

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Spring 2015

    TRANSFORUM 2015 Dennis Peacocke opened the 2015 Transforum with two teachings on Transcendent Values. He focused on 10 biblical values that are axioms and the real life corollaries they are to govern. This was to give the knowledge from which understanding grows and the ability to make righteous judgments in life decisions. Four additional plenary […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Winter 2014

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Winter 2014

    STRATEGIC LIFE TRAINING I Peter 1:5-8 gives us a critical path for strategic growth in Christ. Knowledge plays a key role in the context of a growing sequence of virtues that enable us to “neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Knowledge is a tool for fruitfulness, but godly […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Fall 2014

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Fall 2014

    MINISTRY UPDATE As God seeks to redeem some of the serious issues at the core of the current world crisis, our message of redemption and the love on which it is based will give a real choice to those looking for answers. From Kansas where SLT is thriving to the Statesman conference in Atlanta, from […]

  • GoStrategic Newsletter: Spring 2014

    GoStrategic Newsletter: Spring 2014

    Transforum 2014 An iceberg demonstrates it is what is underneath and unseen that really counts. GoStrategic’s recent 2014 Transforum conference focused us inside ourselves to grow in Christ in our ability to apply a Christian worldview mindset to the challenges and choices we make, and outside ourselves to understand significant current issues and how we […]

  • Rebuilders Newsletter: Winter 2014

    Rebuilders Newsletter: Winter 2014

    Costa Rica On Dennis Peacocke’s recent trip to Costa Rica, SCS representative, Ronnie Diaz, brought together many church ministry and political leaders as an informal network. Ronnie has been instrumental in bringing the message of the Kingdom of God and its social implications to a number of leaders in Central America. This meaningful show of […]

  • Rebuilders Newsletter: Summer 2013

    Rebuilders Newsletter: Summer 2013

    Discipling Nations for Christ’s Kingdom Many of you have heard us speak of The Statesmen Project. One of our purposes for this SCS update is to help you as our ministry partners better understand how this project is clarifying what SCS does as a ministry to train people to disciple nations and how The Statesmen […]

  • Rebuilders Newsletter: Winter 2012

    Rebuilders Newsletter: Winter 2012


  • Strategic Life Training

    Strategic Life Training

    At various points in our lives, we can experience particular moments or events that are pivotal for us as we pursue Christ. The Strategic Life Training (SLT) Intensive which took place on October 11-13, 2012 in Lawrence, Kansas, was such a time for many. According to Pastor Jonathan McDermott, “We were thrilled by what God […]